Starting the shoutout for Volunteers.  If your interested follow the instructions on this Ralley in the Valley Volunteer Form
Went to listen to the Duke Sherman band at Pine Junction this weekend.  We are really excited to have them in our event, they really know how to keep an audience going.  Met Peter Kunow from Hard Tail Magazine while watching the show.  Hopefully we’ll be working out something, be sure to look out for it during the near future.  Committee met on Sunday.  Working out a few more submittals for the City.  Should have those ironed out shortly.  We finalized our Poster.  I’m going to link it here if you want to keep a copy.  Look for it all over the region.
About time to start doing some updates to let everyone know how things are progressing.
The rubber is meeting the road.  As you can see from the Bands page, we have a great lineup. Now the devil is in the details, working on the stage and sound setups and people to run them.  The City has been great and is helping us at every turn.  We have Some great food vendors that are on board, there really will be something for everyone’s tastes.  We’re trying to fill out the remaining vendor slots with Bike and outdoor related products.  If you know of anyone please get in contact with us via the contact page.
Beer tent is being provided by Mangione Beverage.  We will be roping off the “adult beverage” area, We’re working on the Beer selection.  Your webmaster is also a homebrew nut so I’m working on a selection of Craft beers.  Don’t worry there will still be one or two american lager’s available.  Right now the plan is to buy Tickets that are redeemable for Beer.  We’ll also have a wristband that you’ll have to wear to show proof of age.
Our good friends at Harley of Jamestown are pulling out all the stops.  They’re bringing the trailer filled with goodies.  Please support them and thank them for  helping to make this happen.
It won’t be long and we’ll be looking for volunteers to help during that weekend.  If your interested please let us know via the facebook page. Just follow the Facebook icon to the right.

We are pleased to announce our major sponsor Jamestown Harley Davidson.  Please be sure and visit them for a great deal on Bikes and accessories.